Bradley University Department of Interactive Media

Bradley University, a mid-sized private university in Peoria, Illinois, offers more than 185 academic programs throughout its undergraduate and graduate schools. Thanks to the school’s size, students at Bradley are able to be involved in hands-on learning and large research projects that at larger universities would be reserved for graduate students.

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Our classes are taught entirely by professors (not Graduate Assistants) who present students with industry knowledge, research opportunities, and internship connections. Due to our small class sizes, faculty are always willing to provide additional clarification and assistance to help students gain a better understanding of materials. “My professors regularly check up on me to make sure I am eating, sleeping, and happy,” says one student of the “fantastic mentors” at Bradley.
IM majors blend storytelling with digital tools in art and technology giving  them the technical skills for today’s marketplace, the aesthetical insights of great artists, and the flexibility to adapt as technology evolves. Outside the classroom, they are involved in a variety of organizations that further their academic development and connect them to professional opportunities.

Bradley’s student body is a diverse population who push each other to consider other viewpoints during classroom discussions. over 240 clubs and organizations, there are great networking opportunities and one of the best career centers in the nation.

With so many organizations on campus, students tend to fill their time with “volunteering, going to meetings for different clubs, and hanging out with their Bradley family.” Students rave about the “perfect size” of Bradley, which “feels like a small hometown in the middle of a big city.” It is “large enough to have lots of major programs, extracurriculars, and internship connections,” but not so large where one feels lost in the sea of students. Instead, “you are comfortable to go out of your comfort zone.”