Now more than ever, IndieCade is focused on supporting creativity, connection, and hope for the future. Over Earth day in April 2020, we invited game creators from across the globe to join a Climate Jam and explore solutions that can address a rapidly changing world.

We believe this generation of creators care deeply for our planet and holds the power to inspire while using games as a platform. At this moment it is all the more relevant to think about people, nature, and resilience in the face of global crises. We have this moment to explore how new and different kinds of relationships between people and nature might build the resilience we need to withstand and reverse major global calamities such as climate change, pandemics, and economic downturns.The goal of the jam was to take action and raise solutions. 

IndieCade is pleased to have collaborated with the Games For Our Future team on this jam and will be holding a similar Climate Jam 2021.

Play the games!

Special thanks to the Games For Our Future team:

Tim Cullings
Dylan Gedig – IGDA Victoria
Graham Pentheny – Indie Game Collective
Andrew McPherson – Seattle Indies
Sara Jo Breslow – UW

Dargan Frierson – UW
Lela Cooper – UW
Cami Smith – AIE
Tom Swanson – foundry10
Tyler Coleman

And thank you to Niantic, Riot Forge, and all of our other supporters for making this jam possible: