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Oct 20 2020


9:00 am - 9:45 am

Finalist Session: Face to Face

Join creators of the finalist games Honey & Hot Wax, Pirates and Lasers, Propaganda, and The Everyone Shares One Butt Game! for short artists’ talks followed by a discussion.

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  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim

    “Brian is a self described jack of all trades. Having interest in most subjects that he tackles, he tries to dabble in a little of everything. In university, he’s studied psychology, computer science, and digital media, until he finally decided to stick with Speculative Design. University, is also where he discovered his love for competitive gaming and took on the task of tournament organizing and event planning. His smash tournament series eventually became the most popular in the San Diego region.

    Post-grad, Brian primarily works on freelance video and audio editing. But he has never forgotten his love for games. He and his college friend had come up with a silly idea for a board game back in university, and with all this extra free time, the two of them decided to really dedicate their time into fleshing this idea out.

    This idea evolved into the Everyone Shares One Butt game that we know today. They’ve taken the board game to many community events such as board game nights with Giant Robot, the San Diego Night Market, Gateway 2019, and more.

    This had all cumulated to being invited as a Nominee to IndieCade’s “”Summer Series”” and “”IndieCade Festival: Anywhere & Everywhere.

    From here, Brian hopes to take the game to further heights.”

  • Ian M Cummins
    Ian M Cummins

    Ian Cummins created Pirates & Lasers at the 2020 Global Game Jam by Playcrafting and Microsoft in NYC. He is studying Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction at SUNY Oswego and will be pursuing a Masters Degree. He is fascinated with virtual reality, usability, and how we can use these concepts to grow with and understand one another better. He plays bass and creates music as Azurite Coast, and is working on releasing his first album by the end of the year. This is his first year at IndieCade.
    ‘@IanMystic on Twitter, @AzuriteCoast on Twitter (Music)
    Official Twitter for the game is @PiratesLasers
    @AzuriteCoast for Instagram
    @PiratesandLasers for official Twitter

  • Justin Ricafort
    Justin Ricafort

    Justin Ricafort is a writer, filmmaker, and multimedia artist who’s work explores agency, play, and community organizing. His breadth ranges from handling talent at film festivals, designing board games, to contributing articles to several publications. He is a Filipino-American son of immigrants and advocates strongly for more human representation of Asian-Americans and Filipino-Americans on screen and off screen. Most recently, he is wrapping up his year with the Armed With a Camera Fellowship, premiering hai short film, ETA.
    Website: everyonesharesonebuttgame.com
    Twitch: twitch.tv/everyonesharesonebuttgame
    Instagram: @everyonesharesonebuttgame
    Twitter: @TheButtGame

  • Sharang Biswas
    Sharang Biswas

    Sharang Biswas is a writer, award-winning game designer, and internationally exhibited artist. He is best known for his roleplaying game “Feast”, which was awarded an IndieCade award and an IGDN award, and was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. Following that, “Verdure”, his solo game about witchcraft and salad-making, won an IGDN award and was exhibited both at the Flow Gallery and the Toronto Reference Library. Most recently, he won a Golden Cobra award for his LARP “The Stars Recall Our Passage” and was once again nominated for a “Most Innovative Game” award at the IGDN awards 2020. He is the co-editor of both “Honey & Hot Wax: An Anthology of Erotic Art Games” (Pelgrane Press) and “Strange Lusts / Strange Loves: An Anthology of Erotic Interactive Fiction” (Strange Horizons). He also frequently produces immersive theatre & interactive performances at a variety of venues. You can find Sharang’s writing about games and interactivity in publications such as Eurogamer, First Person Scholar, and Unwinnable, and follow him on Twitter at @SharangBiswas.

  • Sindi Breshani
    Sindi Breshani

    Sindi Breshani is a narrative designer and experiential artist. Growing up in post-dictatorship Albania and the aftermath of the Kosovo War, she witnessed firsthand how propaganda frames reality and defines how we perceive each other. In her projects, she uses interactive technologies and games to document reality. Her experimental games have been exhibited at Tate Britain, Somerset House, V&A Museum of Childhood, Games for Change New York, and she recently received the “Women in Games: Student Award”.

  • Spencer Williams
    Spencer Williams

    First-Time Indiecade Caller, Long-Time Listener, Spencer Williams’ immersive production company, Walk the Night, has run successfully since 2013. The flagship 5-part series was a sandbox immersive format that spanned 5 years. Current work is a boutique series of fully produced, fully immersive experience paired with the gift/”product” that results from it. Tales By Candlelight: Session 0 (1st Ed) is a collaborative storytelling experience paired with a scented kit. Past work includes Make Music (applied to a fully produced song); future work includes Homemade Arcade (applied to an online 8-bit game).

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 20 2020
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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