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Oct 19 2020


3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Finalist Session: Places & Times

Join creators of the finalist games Beyond Blue, Nine Witches: Family Disruption, Queer Quest: All in a Gay’s Work, Star Dynasties, and Wide Ocean Big Jacket for short artist’s talks followed by a discussion.

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  • Diego Canepa
    Diego Canepa

    “Diego Cánepa is an indie game developer mainly focused on the creation of adventure games with rich stories.

    He comes from the past, when the Atari 2600 reigned in the world and the arcades were the AAA of that time.”

  • Glen Pawley
    Glen Pawley

    “Growing up on the tiny island of Malta in Europe, I was hundreds of miles of ocean away from any games company at the time. So I turned my teenage fascination with programming small text and 2D games into a professional career in business software development. In 2006, while my career was going through a quiet period, I wrote and self-published FastCrawl. This was a quick-play hack-and-slash in which I tried to be innovative by compressing the typical mechanics of an RPG into a 30 minute experience.

    With age, I have learnt that what I enjoy most in games is either a good story, or the thrill of understanding how a complex set of systems work and interact. In 2014, I was unable to resist the siren call of working on another game and started work on Star Dynasties. This project would marry my interests in politics, human nature, and gaming, by building a strategy game focused on the human narratives of being a king.”
    Twitter @StarDynasties

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst

    Michael has spent his career as an operating executive and private equity investor in healthcare, education, and media, focused on how companies can achieve financial success and make positive impact in the world. In addition to his operating role at E-Line, Michael provides creative oversight of the Company’s diverse slate of impact games and is currently directing “Beyond Blue”, a game that celebrates the mystery and wonder of our ocean. Michael formerly served as the Executive Chairman of FilmAid International (an international relief organization that uses film and other media to bring critical information regarding health, security, and education to refugees and other displaced people) and on the Board of Directors of Sustainable South Bronx (a nonprofit organization that addresses economic and environmental issues in the South Bronx and throughout New York City through a combination of green jobs training, community greening programs, and social enterprise).

  • Mo Cohen
    Mo Cohen

    Hi! I’m Mo. I never know if bio’s are supposed to be in first person or third person. I eat nutella out of the jar and I make video games. I’m currently making a game called Queer Quest which is an indiecade nominee (!!), previously I’ve done a number of game jams, and released the first chapter/draft of a history gay bar tycoon game called Bottoms Up. Outside of making games, I play a lot of them (currently playing Outer Wilds and Paradise Killer), and I day dream about travel once it’s safe again.

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 19 2020
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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