Q: What is IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere?

A: Nine-full days of 24-hour programming for our 2020 festival celebrating innovation, creators, and games — filled with gameplay, exhibitions, discussions, connections and interactions, happenings, conference sessions, workshops, and more. IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere will take place online October 16th through 24th, 2020. It is organized to enable access and participation from around the globe. 

Q: Will there be any on-site/ in-person events?

A: At this time, given the nature of world events and our concern for everyone’s health and safety, we do not have on-site events specifically planned. If we are able to add on-site events, we will include a celebration in Paris (IndieCade Europe) and one in Santa Monica! If possible we will also facilitate local / regional gatherings related to the festival activities. Anything taking place in person will be a complement to the main event which is happening online.

Q: Is Anywhere and Everywhere the same as the IndieCade Festival?

A: IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere is our 2020 festival, but it is not the same. This is a new digital native event, built from the ground up, to showcase amazing independent games and programming from around the world! Opening the doors to more games, more creators, and more participants with IndieCade’s same great spirit.

Q: How do I submit a game?

A: The submission process for IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere is exactly the same as in years past. You may submit a game HERE.

Q: If I submit, do I showcase no matter what?

A: No. You have to be selected. BUT there are possible opportunities for playtesting, etc, even if you are not selected as a nominee via the IXC.

Q: How will the games be showcased?

A: The IndieCade team works with each nominated game individually to make sure that we best feature your work. Activations can include streaming, play throughs, q-and-a’s, live gameplay, video gameplay, social media, artist talks, demos, features on music and/or art, tournaments, play activities, and so much more. Games and play are at the heart of IndieCade.

Q: What type of games are allowed? Can I still submit tabletop? Installations? VR? Alt Control?

A: All types and formats of games are encouraged and will be accepted and featured!! You may absolutely submit tabletop games or games in novel formats. These games will be reviewed, juried, and if selected IndieCade will work closely with you as a developer to find the best way to feature your work for our online attendees and conference-goers. We welcome all game formats and all formats will receive equal promotion, press and awards eligibility.

Q: How are Tabletop games submitted and reviewed?

A: To submit your tabletop game simply fill out the submission form. For the first round of review we rely on the documentation so fill out everything!! Once we are ready we will contact you and if it is relevant to your game, we will let you know specifically where to send your game. This will happen after the submission is completed. Should your game be selected you are eligible for the same awards and promotional opportunities as all the other game formats and we will work with you individually to determine the best way to showcase your game.

Q: How are Immersive / Escape Room / Alt Control or Experiential works submitted and reviewed?

A: To submit your immersive, escape room, or other experiential type game – simply fill out the submission form. It is especially designed for non-digital games and we rely heavily on documentation. We also may seek out people who have experienced the piece if it showcased in the past.

Q: What if my game’s platform isn’t listed in the submission form?

A: We welcome and encourage all games on all platforms. If your platform isn’t listed on page 7 (Submission Format) of the submission form, under “Hardware Requirements”, then we ask you to write it in at the bottom of page 8 (Access Information) under “Other Access Information”.

Q: My game is a work in progress; can I submit?

A: Yes, works in progress are welcome and encouraged!!!

Q: My game is finished or published; can I submit?

A: Absolutely – games can be finished and/or published! We also respect embargoes and work with the team for any announcements.

Q: Will there still be awards?

A: Yes!! This year, IndieCade will bestow a more than a dozen awards and there will be a dedicated awards experience, as well as concentrated media outreach. You can go HERE for more information on the awards categories.

Q: Is there still an IndieXchange? What is the IndieXchange?

A: The IndieXchange is our developer summit that is designed specifically for teams who submit to IndieCade. Complimentary (free) access is provided to all team members of every game submitted as part of your submission benefits. The IndieXchange includes sessions, networking, workshops, playtesting and more. As a bonus, this year’s digital format