Ongoing – FLASH JAM

Flash Jams but in a digital format; asks users to make a game quickly, then share it over twitter or instagram with a video or picture of them playing (if desired) and the rules for other people to play it  Watch for Flash Jams throughout the festival on our Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram



Two teams of mighty game designers come together and use a small set of basic tools and one mystery ingredient to make an amazing piece of play! Watch each team struggle with the creative process and make something that will then be judged by our wondrous panel of players.
Join us on Zoom with the link from your passholder portal!

Extra Famous by Dream Team (Kathryn Hymes, Colleen Macklin, Charles Babb
Am I Famous? by Birthday Party (Tonia Be, Andy Nealen, Hakan Seyalioglu)




IndieCade is pleased to offer more games and play experiences throughout the festival!  Join with other IndieCade attendees and play some unique games! 

Some are Open and ongoing and some are daily. Check to see if they require a RSVP, but they are open so you can join ! Sign up or join now!!


Mars Raiders

Tuesday, October 20th— see schedule.
Platform: Zoom
Players: 12
Session: 1 Hour

Mars Raiders is a live, interactive theatrical space game that invites you to call into a Mars mission, unlock clues and determine the astronaut’s fate. 

INASA (InterNational Air and Space Association – a UK/US/EU collaboration) has invited you, a member of the general public, to a Q&A with astronaut Jamie Val who is on a return mission with a precious enzyme sample from Mars. In the year 2030, INASA has been all over the news for the discovery of this miraculous enzyme found in a Martian soil sample. The enzyme has the ability to dissolve plastics and potentially fix Earth’s plastic waste issue.

The Q&A with Jamie starts as a normal PR stunt until the ship is inexplicably cut off from INASA communications. The engines stop. Jamie begins to float dangerously close to an oppositional satellite and the threatening messages start rolling in. Unable to connect with home base, Jamie is dependent on the people who have tuned in to help them get home safely with the precious enzyme. They face off with space-pirates, international militant space competitors, and corruption from the Blue Orizon corporation. Jamie’s future and the fate of this mission are entirely in your hands.

Super Opera Squad

Tuesday, October 20th — see schedule
Platform: Parsec
Players: 3
Session: 10 mins

Super Opera Squad is a 5-player, couch co-op game putting on an understaffed opera.  Sing in the spotlights!  Fire cannons! Control set pieces/machinery; all in an effort to put on the best opera your gamepads will allow (requires download/install of , and attached PC Gamepad).

Further info/game controls:

Built for couch co-op, Super Opera Squad will be presented via Parsec for this special event.



Wednesday, October 21st— see schedule.
Platform: Zoom + Game
Players: 6
Session: 15mins – 45mins

A free escape-room-style 6-player puzzle game that will test the communication skills of even the most seasoned escape-room pros.

QuaranTeam requires 6 players and takes 20-35 minutes for most teams. Each should have a computer capable or doing a group video or voice chat while also having the game open in a browser window. Note that you will not be able to solve the puzzles without having a way to talk to each other (yes, this is a hint).

With your team, agree on a shared code to use for the room name so that everyone gets connected together when the game starts. If more than 6 players join, the extras will be able to watch the action as spectators. If a player disconnects, a spectator will become a player.

USC Games Tabletop Simulator Playtests


Wednesday, October 21st — see schedule
Platform: Tabletop Simulator
Players: 8
Session: 1 hour

On Tabletop Simulator, play one of six Meaningful Play prototypes on developed by MFA students at the University of Southern California.




Thursday, October 22nd
Platform: Zoom + Game
Players: 2
Session: 20 mins


Watch 2 asymmetric players experience a 10-15 minute version of the Apollo 13 disaster. Using primary source documents to survive a digital, escape-room like puzzle, players will have to rely on nothing but one line of radio communication. See schedule for time info.

Facts about the Robot Uprising

Thursday, October 22nd
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Players: Up to 100
Session: 1 hour
Signup: Calendar— see schedule.

Facts About The Robot Uprising is the first new game to be developed for the Tiger 2-XL in over 25 years. Introduced in 1978, the 2-XL has been called “the first smart toy.” Kids pressed buttons on the robot to play trivia games and interactive fiction via multi-track audio cassette tapes.


A Call From The Resistance

Saturday, October 17th & Friday, October 23rd
Platform: Telephone
Players: 1
Session Length: 45 Minutes

Are you troubled by the story of America? 

Do you have lingering pain from the 2016 presidential election? 

If so, sign up for a call from one of our trained volunteers. This 30-40 minute experience will help you process the past and feel into the future of America. Participants have described their conversations as affirming, calming, and activating.

A few things to remember:

* You will need a phone to experience A CALL FROM THE RESISTANCE.
* You will be talking one-on-one with a trained volunteer.
* At the time of your call, we recommend you be in a quiet space where it is safe to talk about politics. The conversation will cover current politics, civil rights, and the 2016 election.


Untrusted – Web of Cybercrime

Saturday, October 24th
Platform: Web
Players: 10
Session: 1 hour

In Untrusted, hackers from the fictional NETSEC group are tasked in hacking a specific server on a computer network. NETSEC members must use their skills and wits to outsmart the undercover AGENTs that will try each night to perform arrests or have other players become snitches for them by offering plea deals.

The game ends as soon as the NETSEC group gains root access of the target node or when all AGENTs or NETSEC members have been eliminated from the game. If the NETSEC operation leader gives root access to an AGENT member however, it is also instant game over.

The day/night cycle of the games allows the two factions (as well as neutral classes, with their very own objective) to play key skills crucial to their success.

Role playing, deception and deduction are key aspects of the game, which currently features 20 playable classes with more than 70 unique skills.”