Oct 16 2020
2:00PM – 2:50PM PDT

This year, IndieCade’s annual “show-and-tell” for games not nominated for awards at the festival will be held in a GameSlam format. Participation in the GameSlam is not curated and it is our opportunity to give creators who submitted to IndieCade the opportunity to say a few words about their games! If you haven’t been to one of our GameSlams before, think game pitch meets poetry slam. Thank you to this year’s host, and make sure to check out and reach out to the games below!

1000 Deaths

Pariah Interactive Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
1000 Deaths is a third-person, 3D adventure platformer about confronting your interpersonal conflicts and the effects of TV and media on the human psyche. Play through several short and fast-paced episodes to discover wildly different endings with each playthrough. Switch between perspectives from a pool of eclectic characters, making difficult decisions that you’ll take with you to the grave.

8-Bit Adventures 2
“8-Bit Adventures 2 is everything you love about NES, SNES and PS1-era JRPGs – with all of the charm, heart and soul, but none of the inconvenience. That means an earnest, engaging storyline; relatable, easy-to-love characters; strategic turn-based battles; deep party customisation; bizarre monsters; an unforgettable soundtrack; and a large, fantastical world, traversed by Airship, and filled with people full of personality – all brought to life by vibrant 8-Bit inspired visuals. It may be a sequel, but anyone can jump into this brand new JRPG adventure when it launches on Steam (free demo available now)!”

Adventureland XL

Clopas LLC
Adventureland XL is a single player Conversational Adventure- game redux based on the original Adventureland game created in 1978 by Scott Adams. Carefully crafted for new and returning players alike, your task is to recover thirteen lost treasures in the vast realm of Adventureland, perhaps discovering even greater mysteries along the way. With over 25 maps featuring interactive play and full of Easter eggs to be discovered all wrapped in Scott Adams’ signature quirky sense of humor, Adventureland XL brings everything fans loved about the original game and more with a fresh 21st century take.

Animal Bar

Playful Fox Games Inc. Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Animal Bar is a game of customer satisfaction. Quench the thirst of a menagerie of characters! Discover and participate in evolving character stories. Form new friendships as you build and run a beverage bar. Start with a coffee, tea or soda bar, upgrade and expand as your business grows.

Aqua Fry

Bubble bullet bouncer! Aqua Fry is an accessible, pick-up and play local party game for 1-4 players. The controls are simple (joystick and single button) and gameplay is understandable at-a-glance for all ages. Be the first to get 5 last-man-standing wins for a chance to battle in the bottom of the ocean to unlock more characters.


AvoidVania is a juicy, speed-oriented adventure game in which you control a hungry little cat. Guided by a strong and irresistible smell coming from a tower, you find yourself trapped in the walls of a vast dungeon. You will have to find the source of this smell, but along the way you will meet various entities whose mission is to protect it, using all possible means to stop you. Avoid the pitfalls and enemies on your way. Interact with the travelers, as you may be rewarded and learn more about the secrets of the castle …


Awakening explores in depth the process of abstraction of the human mind proposing a game space based on cinematographic puzzles and environmental storytelling. In Awakening the player appears within an oneiric universe composed of eclectic puzzle machines that reflect our humanity and a gift to discover.


Tic Toc Games
Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Pilot a team of animal heroes with your family and friends as you blast your way through evil aquatic enemies, in the family-friendly couch co-op space shooter, B.ARK! The Dark Tide has taken over Earth – our only hope for survival rests in the paws of the fur-ocious members of Team B.ARK. Defend our Solar System as Barker the Dog, Felicity the Cat, Lucio the Bear or Marv the Rabbit as they dive, dip, dodge, and blast their way through waves of aquatic mechs. Play on the couch with friends to defeat the Dark Tide and take back your home!

Binky Saves the World

Team Binky
Binky Saves the World is a couch co-op game for two players to save the world from a nuclear disaster. Player 1, the researcher, uses a mouse and keyboard to move around and control the first person camera. Player 2, Binky, flies around and uses his Magnet ability to repair the broken parts of the facility and make a path for the researcher to traverse to the next area. Both players have the same game screen, so this game requires cooperation and communication to get to the end. This game was created for the 2020 Global Game Jam.
Iron Game Design Challenge
Binky Saves the World



Goblin Rage
BORE DOME is a video game simulating boring, mundane, unhinged, weird, uncomfortable and awkward human experiences. In this first person exploration game containing puzzle elements, the player traverses through a series of levels / rooms / pills that contain characters, artifacts and objects. The player has a repertoire of abilities that are inspired by real life senses like seeing, smelling, hearing, etc but also other skills such as crying. The objective is to “solve” each room and open the door to the next one, but at the same time observe and experience each given situation.


Géraud Zucchini
Take control of a bush and challenge your friends in a hide and seek game up to 4 players. Move at night and use the day as an opportunity to observe and flush out your opponents. Use the secrets of nature to your advantage and prepare for surprises: each game comes with a new forest of its own. And do not forget to drop a fart from time to time, after all it’s a lethal weapon.

CHESSPLUS – Combine. Split. Promote.
Combine pieces from the very first move! Move a Bishop onto a Pawn, then move the COMBINED Bishop/Pawn (Biawn) as a Bishop or a Pawn. Move a Queen onto a Knight for a Super Piece (Quight) and move as a Queen or a Knight. But watch out – If your Combined piece is taken you lose 2 regular pieces. YES! Combined pieces can SPLIT at anytime, simply move either piece away individually. NEW STRATEGIES – Build your forces by promoting extra Queens. CHESSPLUS is INTUITIVE to PLAY & FASTER than Trad Chess, with EXPONENTIALLY MORE options & strategies.

Damage Dealers

Dynamic Ink
Damage Dealers is a 2d rhyme/fighting game hybrid. We combined the fast paced hectic game play of rhythm games with the exciting action of a fighter. Take control of the Damage Dealers, a group of rowdy street youths trying to become the number one street gang in Vector city. Fight rival gangs, build your social strength,and create your own move list to fight your way to the top charts!

Detour Bus

Zachary Flores and Ezra J. Robinson
Virtual Reality (Oculus, Vive, etc)
Detour Bus is a casual, virtual-reality, construction-comedy adventure, where players build ridiculous winding highways around themselves, to take the Flowers family on a road trip across post-infrastructure America. The game combines a goofy core mechanic with comedic environmental interactions and storytelling. Using just one button and capitalizing on feedback systems built into VR hardware, Detour Bus lets players feel the wonder of VR without friction. It explores what accessibility can look like in VR, and what aesthetics support accessibility-first design. Coming May 2021

Distant Transmission

Caleb Foss
Distant Transmission is an online multiplayer messy collaborative writing writing and performing game about creating a radio show. A series of segments comprise each broadcast, including the news, soap operas, advertisements, and more. With a format inspired by the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, players write the script for their broadcast by building on only what the previous player wrote. Players then blindly swap out random words in each other’s writing. Finally players record themselves performing the resulting script and listen to the assembled broadcast. Distant Transmission is designed for friends at a distance to create nonsensical stories together.


Anshar Studios
Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Gamedec is a single-player, non-combat, cyberpunk, isometric RPG. You are a Gamedec – a private detective who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. The decisions you make will alter your character’s traits and impact the course of the game, but cases are riddled with dilemmas and rarely clear-cut. The game emulates the nature of a tabletop RPG by focusing on multiple, choice-dependent, character-building scenarios.

Grammar Ninja

Magma Code
LLC Mobile
Your mission is to throw ninja stars at words! These words are sneaky and have hidden themselves in grammatically correct sentences. Use your grammar skills to find your targets, and become the ultimate ninja master! Loved by teachers worldwide, Grammar Ninja is designed to teach real critical thinking with captivating gameplay! Every sentence becomes an interactive puzzle with nuances as rich and complex as the human language they are written in. With hundreds of levels, you can play for dozens of hours! Can you defeat every sentence?


PigeonKind Games Mac/PC/Linux
Homing is a sad queer 3D low-poly epistolary game where you navigate a messenger pigeon through a city. During your journey, you hear the contents of the letter you’re delivering and learn more about the relationship between a woman and her ex-wife. Flying over specific buildings will change the narration to reveal memories tied to those locations.


Civel Interactive
Virtual Reality (Oculus, Vive, etc)
KATAYED is a short virtual reality experience, of the fantasy genre in which the player, an explorer, arrives at the MATUK TEMPLE, which belongs to an unknown ancient culture. The last space to be visited takes the player to the room of the MATUK, a beast that has been trapped in there for many years. After setting this beast free, the player must fight against it until it manages to subdue it again.

Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

Nidal Nijm Games
Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Fursan al-Aqsa – The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is a Third Person Shooter game that addresses the Israel x Palestine conflict from a Palestinian perspective, breaking the cliché of representing Muslim Arabs as Terrorists, Bandits, Villains and the Americans/Israelis the “Good Guys” and “Heroes” of History. The game draws heavily isnpiration from classic shooters like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark (N64), with many mission objectives to accomplish, such as destroying security cameras, sabotaging equipments, finding documents, planting bombs, invading Israeli bases, finding and murdering a specific enemy, rescuing, civilians, hijacking vehicles, taking down planes, and so on.

Lo-Fi Room

Mac/PC/Linux Mobile
Lo-Fi Room is a relaxing music making experience. Find the hidden instruments and complete the rhythm games to build up the lo-fi beats one instrument at a time! Enjoy the warm atmosphere in this hidden object and rhythm game based on online study music channels.

Mirages of Winter

Mirari Games
Mirages of Winter is an adventure game about the passing of winter to spring and the link between man and nature. Embark on a poetic journey through a beautiful island. Explore wonderful ink-painted sceneries and solve soothing puzzles. Find the five elemental essences in the world and use them to open new paths towards spring.


Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
MO: Astray is a pixelated, side-scrolling, puzzle-solving action game. Featuring the main character MO and its special abilities, the game is loaded with bizarre enemies, threatening traps and ingenious level designs. Born in a laboratory with sinister leanings, the green jelly-like MO is aware that it must take on a mission of immense importance. Under the guidance of the mysterious mutterings in its ear, MO uses jumping, sticking, and even parasitic mind-reading to uncover the shocking truth that lies within this tower…

Neko Ghost, Jump!

Burgos Games Mac/PC/Linux Consoles
(Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle-platformer that takes place on Nekoworld in which Space Dog Pirates invade the planet on Nekoman’s wedding day and capture his friends and bride-to-be. Nekoman is able to not only switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives but also between his physical & ghost forms to get through obstacles, combat enemies, find hidden loot, and clear levels faster. Nekoman’s journey will take him through several biomes ranging from grassy plains to snowy tundras to sweltering deserts and beyond. 100’s of customization options are available to spend all the loot that is collected.

Octane Remix

Team Velocita
Octane Remix is an Obstacle Hell character based Arcade Racing Game made by students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. Pick from one of 3 characters, each with its own unique playstyle, and race your way to victory! Octane Remix takes inspiration from bullet hells and arcade racing games, creating an experience that, mixed with the remix editing system, allows for the player to enjoy hours of great content, with the option to stir things up if needed by switching out the obstacles. Additionally, with the addition of a high score system, Octane Remix is now allowing for local competitive play!


Red Nexus Games Mac/PC/Linux Consoles
(Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc))
Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike – Fight enemies by collecting special orbs and popping pegs to deal damage. Acquire special relics that radically change the game and ensure no two runs are the same. Aim carefully to survive in this unique turn-based RPG!

Republic of Jungle

Gerdoo Games Mac/PC/Linux Consoles
(Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Who do you trust? In a party game for 5 to 10 players, a secret group of Leakers undermine Persident Puma and his Loyalists by earning their trust and leaking their confidential affairs to the media. Bluff, betray, confide and conspire in a crossover between Jackbox Party Packs and social deduction games such as Werewolf and Resistance.


Wonderbelly Games
Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc) Mobile
Roundguard is a bouncy dungeon crawler with pinball physics, lots of loot, and a randomized castle full of oddballs. Press your luck against hordes of dangerously cute monsters and challenging roguelike elements in this all-round bouncy adventure! If you love roguelikes & Peggle, then Roundguard is for you.

Society of Curiosities: Madok’s Lost Treasure

Yacine Merzouk, Michelle Rundbaken
You receive a mysterious envelope filled with clues and artifacts that could lead to the discovery of the lost treasure of Captain Edus Madok. In this escapr room style game, deep-dive into the ancient objects, articles, and expert resources to track down the location of the treasure. Discover hidden websites, text with characters, send your team to remote islands, and get drawn into a world that will have you wonder: is this real?


The Socially Awkward
Mac/PC/Linux Mobile
Inspired by the classic crate-pushing puzzle game, Sokoban, Sokodice is a challenging puzzle game where you roll dice around 100+ challenging levels, trying to match the number of the dice to numbered tiles scattered about. You’ll face plenty of environmental challenges, and use various dice abilities to traverse 10 different worlds, each with it’s own unique challenges.

Speed Limit

Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc) Gamechuck Arcades
A daily train commute gone wrong: Speed Limit is one take, non-stop arcade experience that never slows down. An old-school shooter boiled down to its core elements: Hard. Fast. Addictive. Running. Driving. Flying. Dying (many, many times!) From the moment you click play to the moment you die, you are in control. As soon as you think you’ve learned how the game works, it changes to a completely different genre, a true throwback to the golden era of arcades.

Swing Striker

Giant Fox Studios
Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Intergalactic grappling-hook soccer like you’ve never seen it before! 2-4 friends compete in an all new epic sport with a crazy cast of characters, easy to pick up / hard to master gameplay, and a backstory that’s out of this galaxy. Characters swing around a soccer field with grappling hooks, trying to hit a giant metallic soccer ball into their team’s goal. Along the way, they smash into each other, sometimes losing a few limbs in the process. Our next update will include an epic single-player mode that adds even more characters and whacky backstory to the game, stay tuned!


Smarto Club Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Teacup is a relaxing and wholesome slice of life adventure game about a frog who must search for tea herbs for her upcoming tea party. Explore the woods, meet and help friendly animals and gather those herbs!

The Big Con

Mighty Yell
Mac/PC/Linux Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Flex your inner teenager in The Big Con, an adventure game where you hustle across the country as a teen trying to save your family video store. In classic 90s con movie style, you’ll get to persuade and pilfer your way to greatness using a whack of potential grifts.

The Crimson Diamond

Julia Minamata
The Crimson Diamond is a mystery adventure game. You are Nancy Maple, an intrepid mineralogist, sent into the northern Ontario wilderness on the trail of a dazzling diamond. An intriguing cast of characters has converged under one roof, and it’s up to you to unravel the mysteries you find! The Crimson Diamond uses a text parser interface for exploration and investigation. The game helps players learn this style of play via an in-game tutorial, with additional help and quality of life features included!


Patrones y Escondites SL Mac/PC/Linux Mobile
Unmemory mixes narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a story. It lives merges literature and game, taking advantage of the best of both worlds. You need to read to overcome challenging puzzles and move forward in a thriller story where image, sound and interactive functions are carefully interwoven into the narrative. The result is an experience that tests your ability to solve a mystery, but above all that makes you feel inside the story.

Unnatural Disaster

Rumor Games
Mac/PC/Linux Mobile
Unnatural Disaster is the anti-city-builder. You play as nature. A growing city is your enemy. Use an arsenal of disasters – tornadoes, earthquakes, and more – to combat urban sprawl and beat civilization into submission. Each disaster has a different effect on buildings, terrain, or water. And they can be combined! A tornado that crosses fire will become a firewhirl, spreading blazes downwind. Play with combinations to figure out how to take down a city’s defenses, topple the dreaded Megastructures, and gleefully grind skyscrapers into dust. Fight back against a year of mayhem by unleashing a little of your own!

Virus Blast

Rooftop Dog
You are new kind of virtual menace with the task of infiltrating as much as you can into the web, stealing data as you go. Shoot yourself up the procedural matrix while the global antivirus software will try to stop you. Use the data you steal to power up and become the ultimate Virus. Invest your progress and reach higher heights every time you play! Upgrade your cannon! Get more power, more bullets and get your name into the online leader-boards! But be careful… The higher you get, the harder the matrix becomes… Antivirus engaged!

Visigoths vs Mall Goths

Lucian Kahn
Visigoths vs. Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game and dating sim about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens, set in a suburban Los Angeles shopping mall during 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals. Imagine a surreal combo of The Craft, Empire Records, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Clueless.

Way of Rhea

Anthropic Studios
Way of Rhea is a puzzle platformer that takes place in a world where you can only interact with objects that match your current color.

Weaving Tides

Follow the Feathers Mac/PC/Linux Consoles
(Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, etc)
Weaving Tides is a charming singleplayer adventure set in a world of magic and textile. Ride on the backs of carpet dragons and explore a stunning textile landscape, as you soar above and dive below the weave. It is a game that tells you a tale about finding a sense of belonging. The story is told in a light-hearted way sprinkled with charming characters and witty puns, but at its core it is a rich and emotional narrative about family, identity and the blurred lines of morality.