Prize winners to be announced, at the Jamming the Curve Awards, Friday October 23rd at 10:00 AM Pacifc Time. 

Jamming the Curve Winners

We are pleased to recognize the following five Winners and ten Honorable Mentions for the Jamming the Curve. Each of the  five winners are awarded a  cash prize of $1,000 from Lab X at the National Science Foundation in recognition of their important achievement. These top five winners are also all eligible now to apply for the $20,000 grant to complete their game. 

Games with Classic Mechanics
Everyday Hero

Honorable mentions: Smash the Curve, Mask Kid

Simulation Games
BrightC, Tim Greller, marshel

Honorable mentions: Corona Festival Organizer, Outbreak

Games with a Compelling Protagonist
Lab Hero
ManaBreak Studio

Honorable mentions: Nonessential, Together

Games with Crowd Management
Cat Colony Crisis
Devil’s Cider Games

Honorable mentions: Stay Safe, Flockdown

Games that Feature Prosocial Pandemic Behavior
Outbreak in Space
Patrice Metcalf-Putnam, lpancho, Juan Rodrigues, Kapden

Honorable mentions: Reaching Out, The Covid Express

Read about Jamming The Curve in the L.A. Times

Jamming the Curve took place September 15 through October 1st and was a  “slow jam” addressing one of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, convincing people to take the necessary actions to protect their own and others’ safety, and to do what health experts call “flattening the curve.”

The goal of this jam has been to leverage the power of games to help promote these prosocial pandemic behaviors based on science and critical thinking.

Jamming the Curve brought together (virtually) game developers, scientists, and researchers over a two week period to learn from each other and show the power of games to translate data into stories, dispelling misinformation or misconceptions, and demonstrating the relationship between individual behaviors and large-scale impacts, all in a form that is easily digestible by a broader public.

Jamming the Curve is a collaboration between IndieCade, The National Academy of Sciences LabX, Games For Our Future, Seattle Indies, Georgia Tech DILAC, University of Washington Earthlab, COST, Premack Rogers PC, and Northeastern University’s Game Studio.  With cash prizes and a large grant for future development provided by The National Academy of Sciences LabX.

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