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We’ll be hanging out on our official Discord’s #indiecade-booth channel throughout the festival. You can also tune in for the following special events:

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Tuesday 10/2010amSpecial Announcement
Tuesday 10/201pmStreaming Beyond Blue on Twitch
Tuesday 10/202pmAsk the Devs Live Chat on Discord
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About Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a single-player narrative adventure that takes you deep into our planet’s beating blue heart. Explore the awesome wonder and unbounded mystery that exists within the world’s ocean.

Players will unfold the mysteries of our ocean through the eyes of Mirai, a deep-sea explorer and scientist. She and her newly-formed research team will use groundbreaking technologies to see, hear, and interact with the ocean in a more meaningful way than has ever been attempted.

Embracing the same inclusive development process that was used to create Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), E-Line Media’s BAFTA award-winning game about Alaska Native culture, the company partnered with BBC Studios (developers of the acclaimed Blue Planet II), OceanX Media, world-class game makers, and some of science’s leading ocean experts to bring Beyond Blue to life.

Meet your crew

What’s an expedition to the bottom of the ocean without a stellar team at the helm?

Mirai Soto

Mirai Soto

Marine biologist and freediver following and studying a superpod of sperm whales.


André Adeyemi

Scientist, engineer, and ocean conservationist with an affinity for sea turtles.

Dr. Irina

Irina Novack

Microbiologist focused on the amazing adaptations of ocean life to unlock insights into human health.


Meet Mirai

Ocean Insights

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