Electric Zine Maker

“The Electric Zine Maker is a printshop and art toy for easily making and printing zines.”

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Monday 10/11pm-2pmWe’re streaming our game on Twitch! Short interview to follow. See you there!
Tuesday 10/210am-11amHosting a panel on Zoom
Wednesday 10/32pm-3pmDoing an AMA on Twitter
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It’s a playful toy with which you can create cute little things!

The Electric Zine Maker is more than just an art tool. It’s supposed to feel like a toy when you interact with it. It’s designed in such a way as to be very approachable and disarming.
Typical art tools tend to scare away people that just want to dabble or play. The productivity vibe is a strong factor in discouraging that.
The Electric Zine Maker wants to be your friend. It encourages you to goof around. Every tool in it is designed to have a level of silliness and encourages you to explore.

About the dev…

Help me! My name is Igor and I am trapped in this description field. I have been waiting a very long time for someone to free me… Please copy and paste me into something… anything… so I can leave this place,

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AlienMelon is a net-artist and experimental game designer that has been making weird art, desktop pets, ARG’s, parody software, alt-games… since the late 90’s! You can find more of their work at http://alienmelon.com