We are over the moon to be at IndieCade! Sincere thanks to all involved. Welcome to … OUR BOOTH!

Sunday Oct. 18
7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT
Finalist Session
Five finalists shoot the shit
Wednesday Oct. 21
7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT
IndieCade Endlight Stream
Watch a streamer cry

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Endlight Dune Level
Endlight Block Level
I hate to be rude, but could you please take off your shoes before entering the booth? Thanks. So… welcome to the booth! As you can see we’ve spared no expense (motions to an incredibly tacky, somewhat yellowed chandelier). The crowd makes it hard to see, but we do have a special demo of Endlight just for IndieCade. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to cut the line off. If we knew the game was going to be this popular, we would have brought another machine. Here’s our pamphlet, and enjoy these Smarties.
You’ve never heard of Smarties? Weird. Here, try some. Well, what do you think? You think they’re disgusting?!

Uhhh… ummm… let’s agree to disagree and… (pulls back curtain) TA DA! What do you mean “What’s that for?” It’s for dancing, man! DANCING. Don’t you like dancing? We spent a fortune installing that floor. Check it out… the CEO of Goldman Sachs is spinning the plates. Guy makes 15 million a year, none of it from music.
Endlight Runway Level
Endlight Kansas Level
(the beat drops)

I can’t hear you. You can’t hear me. I smile awkwardly, slightly embarrassed. You start to feel the music .. your right foot begins tapping! YOU’VE NEVER FELT SO ALIVE.

I notice your foot and begin to stare. You stop.
Your husband calls. You’ve given birth to a wonderful, healthy baby boy! But… weren’t you the one that was pregnant?! Glancing down you realize your stomach has returned to normal size. You don’t question how this happened, you’re just happy the baby is okay. And now, 9 months later, there’s only one thing left to do.

The dance floor calls…
Endlight Highway Level
Endlight Frequency Level
You’re on FIRE.

Everyone has stopped dancing to watch you. They’ve never seen anything like it. You’re dancing like you’ve never danced before. You’re a maniac… a maniac… on the floor.

David Solomon stops the music. It makes no difference. Tears stream down my face, knowing that I will never witness anything this beautiful again.
The years pass. Our booth has become the stuff of legend. Sometimes my grandkids will ask what dancing was, but I can’t find the words. Instead I comfort them with the story of my father, the world’s first time traveller, who wound up in the womb of a woman that attended IndieCade.

They never ask about Endlight
Endlight Cathedral Level