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Wednesday Oct. 212pm-4pm PDTJenny Windom will be streaming our game on Twitch!
Wednesday Oct. 1410:30am-12:30am PDTJoining a Twitch talk/variety program
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About Journey of the Broken Circle

Can you make a game about life, love and existentialism? We believe we have just done that! In the ‘Journey Of The Broken Circle’ you dive into a beautiful universe, where a satisfactory gameplay, combined with a deep story that throws the main character into a self-discovering journey makes it a rewarding and different kind of game.

In this beautiful, fun and intriguing game the broken Circle sets out on an existential journey to look for something to complete it. The game is easy to relate to, as we all, on one level or another, are looking for something to complete us.

Meet our team

Cults can be evil and malicious, but not this one. We are quite lovable. One thing that cults know how to do though, is to create the feeling of togetherness and that you are part of something greater.

We want our digital experiences to give this feeling and so much more.

Andrea Brasch

Andrea Brasch


CEO, The Lovable Hat Cult 20
years in game- and advertising 7
years in game event planning
Founder, Game Girl Workshop and Lovable Hat Cult.

Patrick Jarnfelt

Patrick Jarnfelt


Patrick is an indie game developer with an extensive professional game development background.
He is the owner and lead developer of his own gaming company/cult: Lovable Hat Cult.


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