7am –
2pm PST

We’re doing a takeover of Indiecade’s social media channels and reveal of the Morse Trailer!

Saturday 17/10/20203pm –
4pm PST

Twitch playthrough of Morse, Twitch Plays Morse and the ALJO team chatting!

Wednesday 21/10/20207am –
8am PST

Alex taking part in the Finalist 2020 Session: Spying and Decoding!

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Break the bitter attrition of the Great War using timing, tactics and telecommunications in Morse.
Step into the shoes of a Morse code operator taking the war into her own hands. Before, you relayed messages. Now you’re calling the shots.

Send co-ordinates for artillery strikes to cut off supply chains, batter trenches and shred recon planes. Between missions, wander the grounds of the manor and get to know the other staff. 
Can you change the world with a push of a button?


MORSE has been taken beyond its initial prototype by these ace folks. To find out more about them, check out the Indiecade talk below!

Alex Johansson

Alex Johansson


Games Developer and Educator based in Yorkshire. Handling team management, social stuff, programming, design and portions of in game art. I’m having a tonne of fun working on the game though it is a bit tricky juggling other work!

Danni White

Danni White


Writer, poet and narrative designer from the North of England! This is our first project working together, but has been fantastic having her onboard and has jumped at the opportunity to use @inkleStudios
Inky to format her scripts!

Luke Smith

Luke Smith


Luke and I have worked together on games for almost a decade and even then I’ve been blown away by his contribution to the project. He’s been responsible for all of the delicious audio design and producing the soundtrack for the project.

Katy Marshall

Katy Marshall


Artist and maker from Cambridge! We’ve worked together before on a variety of projects but this one is letter her run wild with high res assets! Katy is also fabricating the custom controllers for Morse.


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