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Monday 10/11pm-2pmWe’re streaming our game on Twitch! Short interview to follow. See you there!
Tuesday 10/210am-11amHosting a panel on Zoom
Wednesday 10/32pm-3pmDoing an AMA on Twitter
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Radio General

It’s WWII. You’re a general sitting in a tent. All you have is a map, and a radio. Can you win the battle? Radio General is a unique strategy game where you interact with your units over the radio using speech recognition. Test your mettle and relive famous battles as a WWII general.

Radio General is a real-time strategy game where you can’t see your units. Instead you talk with them over the radio. You receive verbal reports, and then issue orders back. Unfortunately for you, war is confusing. Your units won’t always know what’s going on, and you must make tough decisions based on these incomplete (and often confused) reports. All of this is done from a detailed command tent, as it would have been during WWII.

Meet our team

Michael Long

Michael Long

Grand Poobah

Michael is the ‘Grand Poobah’ leader of this ragged band of do-gooders, and lead developer on all Foolish Mortals projects. He’s a games person through and through. Videogames, boardgames, tabletop roleplaying games, Michael does it all. Games are his jam, and jam is what he eats. Preferrably with bread.

Kent Weiler

Kent Weiler

Sonic Soothsayer

Kent is the noise of the team. The big bangs, chippy tunes, and death cries are all his workings. Kent is always willing to try his hand at any type of music genre and will even record his own awful voice if need be (scream sounds and singing like the Bee Gees are his specialty). Though his bizarre tastes in music (Babymetal?) may not appeal to everyone, they are a fuel for his passion when creating the musical experience of the game (he has yet to try making a screamo-polka, but it’s on his to-do list).

Logan Richards

Logan Richards


Logan loves poring through dusty tomes and faded photos – what mysteries can be uncovered? Sadly this hasn’t trigered a globe-trotting adventure like an Indiana Jones yet, but there’s still time! I’m sure the next page will mention the holy grail’s elusive location…


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