Wide Ocean Big Jacket

Hello! Welcome to the “Wide Ocean Big Jacket” IndieCade booth! Please take a look at our game!

We’re scheduled to stream on Tuesday, October 20th at 3pm PT so stop by for some behind the scenes footage.

WOBJ is about an aunt and uncle who take their middle-school niece and her boyfriend(?) on an overnight camping trip.

It’s a camping story about growing up featuring jokes, ghost stories, and cartwheels on the beach! It takes about 60-90 minutes to play.

I Think You’ll Really Like It!


We’ll be streaming throughout the week so join us on this website:

Turnfollow is a small games group based in Los Angeles, CA. We’ve been making games since 2015 – our previous titles include “Little PartyA Good Gardener” and “Packing Up The Rest Of Your Stuff On The Last Day At Your Old Apartment“. We make short-story games – narrative focused with emphasis on characters, places & moments.

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