Zenith Junction is a digital deck-building RPG where players use tiny sets of cards to defeat massive foes.

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Digital Deck-Building Magic

Zenith Junction explores a style of deck-building where every tiny edge counts, and synergy is the most important metric of a card’s worth. With only 9 cards in hand, players will need to ensure that each of their “engines” of 3 cards is powerful enough to overcome their opponent’s next move. With no room for error, synergy and micro-strategy win the day.

This combines the thrill and uncertainty of limited-set card games with the strategy of engine-building. Every hand is like a new set of cards, and each “engine” its own deck that players build on the fly. Zenith Junction bridges the gap between tabletop and digital card games – and does it all on top of a runaway train.


Dylan Nelkin
Lead Designer & Developer

Dylan is a game designer and developer originally from Long Island, NY. He currently works as a game designer at dire wolf digital in Denver, CO.

He likes card games, dogs, and cooking.

Palmmy Sivarapornsakul
UI/UX Designer & 2D Artist

Palmmy is a game UI/UX designer and artist based in New York, NY. He has strong appreciation to game presentation and juiciness.

Please hire him. He is a good boy.

Siddarth Govindan

Siddarth is a game designer based in Brooklyn, NY. He likes creating games across genres and mediums – from an action arcade game about bugs in a bog to a TRPG about running a coffee shop and everything in-between.

He enjoys coffee, books & walks in the park.

Chapin Boyer

Chapin is an independent game designer from San Francisco, CA. He is designing games about chasing deer through the woods, men trapped in bubbles, and tiny sets of cards in Brooklyn, NY.