Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire is a 3D collectathon inspired by old-school entries into the franchise as well as newcomers alike.

This game places you in control of a friendly fire sprite named Wick and challenges you to explore ordinary house-hold locations at the size of a candle flame. Jump, dash, and attack your way through four unique levels. All the while, enjoy platforming challenges, a unique combat system, and clever puzzles that all take advantage of your fiery nature. Friendly Fire is a game created over the course of a semester at Bradley University and has been the passion of Team Burnout for many months.


Scott Acker – Game Design / Additional Design

Brennan Carlyle – UI/UX Design / Concept Art / Additional Art

Nathan Cover – 3D Modeling / Shaders / Additional Art

Lachlan Duncan – Level Design / Programming / Additional Design

CJ Green – Game Design / Level Design / Additional Design

Cole Kersting – Producer / Tech Lead

Levi Schoof – Programming / Level Design / Additional Design

Skyler Maddigan – Producer / Level Design / Additional Design

Connor Wolf – Creative Director / Sound Design / Additional Design

Special thanks to: John Doran, Heather Ford, Tim Hutchings, David Abzug, & all of our playtesters!