LabX is a small but mighty team of creative individuals united in our quest to get people excited about good science. We do this through an eclectic mix of events and programming such as trivia nights, escape rooms, game shows and game jams, just to name a few. Although small and mighty, LabX is part of a larger and much more mighty organization called the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). We are going out on a limb to guess that the NAS is the oldest institution represented here at IndieCade Anywhere & Everywhere. We go all the way back to 1863 when President Abe Lincoln himself signed an Act of Congress that aimed to provide independent, science-backed advice to the nation. Since then, the NAS has burnt the midnight oil answering the nation’s toughest questions. Most of what comes out of the NAS are highly technical workshops, consensus studies, and reports, which is where LabX comes in. We take all this crucial scientific information and translate it into a form that is approachable and more importantly, fun. Visit our website to learn more and see what we’ve got cooking.

An in-person role-playing game that teaches players about building community resilience in the face of disaster.

A storytelling event with a twist. Hear the stories, guess the theme, spot the expert.