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The world of Aurora will draw players into an immersive and narrative-heavy setting rarely seen in games – a town at the end of the American Gold Rush-era.

The year is 1904. You play Matthew Holden, a man who travels to the town of Aurora in search of his missing brother. Discover a world of intrigue and mystique, uncover clues involving an esoteric group, and resolve memories of the past in this narrative-driven adventure.

This demo takes about 10 minutes to complete. It should be played with a keyboard/mouse, and the content is suitable for ages 13+. The game is a prototype currently in development and is known to still have bugs. After playing the demo, please fill out the following focus test survey:

Jared Skold – Developer

Additional credits
Cage Claypool
Stephen Ytuarte
Andy O’Neal
Andy Mash
Miray Hepguler
Geoff Price
Licheng Mai
Felix Gallo
John Kim