Super Nova

The world might be ending, but in this narrative VR rhythm game, there’s still time to figure out who killed your fiancé, and why you’re hunted by a Super Sport ‘69 Chevy Nova from your nightmares. With only your wits, a good beat, and a little luck, you’ll rap-battle your way through the most dangerous streets in a dying city as you follow the clues to solve Earth’s last mystery… before it’s too late.

Step into a rhythm-driven VR world that combines traditional RPG story elements with Guitar Hero-style rap battles. You are a local DJ in search of your fiancé’s murderer and you must face off with a league of dangerous rappers to piece together what happened on the fateful night where you lost everything. But watch your back, because nothing is as it seems. You’re hunted by the driver of a mysterious Super Sport ‘69 Chevy Nova, who could hold the secret to understanding the bizarre, Inception-like world around you, and why it’s all coming to an explosive end.

Andrew Bjarnsen – Lead Designer
Xueqing Liu – Lead Engineer – USC
Ruoyu Wang – Team Engieer – USC
Ulysses Randolph – Vocals
Eugene Haynes IV – Producer