The Friend-Ship

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Put your teamwork to the test, in this two-player point and click adventure game. You and your companion will work together to navigate a rowboat through the subterranean ocean and its humanoid sea-creature residences. While exploring, you’ll use and combine items to unlock their secrets and solve a variety of puzzles. Can your teamwork overcome this nautical world?


Jared Newlan – Environmental/UI Artist 
Raye Veltri – Artist 
Sophia Yacoby – Artist 
Harold Blake – Environmental/UI Artist 
Jon Oppenheimer – VFX Artist 
Elenah Han- Environmental Artist 
Alyssa Sailor – Art Lead

Kimilyn Yoshizawa – Environmental Artist 
Hannah Lundgren – Character Artist 
Soojin Paek – Character Artist Artist 
Sebastian Konnackel – SFX Artist
Paxton Wright – Writer
Bryn Khouri – SFX Artist 
Ian Ring- Designer/Programme