Join the Niantic Creator Program

Niantic believes the world is a better place with AR. The creator program accelerates this by supporting creators.

  • Niantic’s core technology stack used to power today’s most successful AR experiences including Pokémon GO.
  • Augmented reality developer kit provides client-side tools and features to implement compelling AR features across multiple mobile device platforms.
  • Backend cloud infrastructure and services scales to millions of users, all experiencing the same single-instance simulation.
  • In addition to tools and services, Niantic may award additional funding to qualifying projects that require additional financial support in taking their concepts to the next level

Meet some of Niantic’s Beyond Reality Creators

Available to teams of all sizes, including indie studios. Developers will be selected based on a demonstrated ability to develop and launch apps and/or games. Existing projects on mobile, VR, and/or AR is a plus.