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Welcome from Lori Fraleigh Senior Director Developer Relations  

Galaxy Store. Your ultimate game plan

Available in over 180 countries, Galaxy Store is the place to publish and market your app to Samsung device users who download billions of apps. Join Samsung Developers’ session on Wednesday October 21st at 3pm PDT to learn how easy it is to get started, how to integrate with Samsung IAP, and how your game can be discovered by 400 million MAUs.

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Meet the Team at IndieCade

Diego Rivera

Sr. Developer Evangelist

Diego is a Sr. Developer Evangelist at Samsung with 7 years of Dev Rel experience and 14 years in the software development industry.
Diego’s passion for video games led him to pursue a career as a developer, just to figure out how games were made. He had the chance design social games in Spain and later, as a developer
advocate, to use games as the perfect tools to showcase different technologies and reach
different audiences.
His current focus is to help developers understand Samsung technologies, help them create the perfect app for the Galaxy Watch, design an amazing theme that can be shared with the wider Galaxy Store audience, or get started on that project that they may have been mulling for a
couple of months.

Charlotte Allen

Sr. Developer Marketing Manager

Charlotte has worked at Samsung for almost five years and is responsible for Developer Marketing and Community Outreach for Samsung developers and designers.
She has worked with developers for over twenty years, building and managing developer programs, driving awareness and recruitment of apps and games, marketing and merchandising for app stores and creating partner marketing and go-to-market programs. 
Her passion and focus is indie game developer outreach, recruitment and support to bring their games to Galaxy Store.

Schedule a meeting with the Samsung Developers Team and:

  • Get a demo of the Galaxy Store Game Tab
  • Share your game titles
  • Learn how quick and easy it is to bring your games to Galaxy Store
  • Ask us about our new indie game banner, and if your app qualifies to be featured

Samsung Developers is a gateway to development and monetization, providing talented developers and designers with global distribution opportunities, end-to-end support, and easy-to-get resources. An international program with global reach, our ultimate goal is to give developers the tools and support they need to build, market, and monetize a world-class product on Galaxy Store, Samsung’s on-device app store. For additional information or to register for Samsung Developers, please visit:

Bring your games to GALAXY STORE

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