SLarp Fest at the IndieCade Oasis in Second Life
March 21, 2021

Presented by IndieCade and The Playable Theatre Project

To attend, launch this URL with your Second Life viewer open:

Scroll down for details on how to set up your free Second Life Account

IndieCade Oasis in Second Life
Join us….

Join Us!

Don one of the avatars that come with your free account, or visit to find a costume that suits you! Or just “come as you are.” 

Explore, play board games, solve Escape Rooms together, ice skate, visit the carnival, or get creative in a Flash Jam, dance to live and DJ’d music, visit the Alumni tent and have a look at a virtual version of Celia Pearce’s new book IndieCade: A History — The Interdependence of Independents. And don’t forget to stop by our “Hugging Station” to meet and greet friends!

Visit the IndieCade Arcade, with working cabinets, skeeball, airhocky, and the IndieCrane Machine, with real prizes!

Come watch the IndieCade Twitch Stream at our mountaintop theater!

Looking to play some games with friends? Stop by our board game hut, play trivia games at our bonfire, or retire to the rec room cabin for a game of pool, darts, or shuffleboard

Visit The Cabin, a spooky escape room presented by Second Life’s MadPea one sec for the rest

All this and more at the the IndieCade Oasis!

IndieCade Oasis Map

How to Visit the IndieCade Oasis in Second Life

– If you don’t already have a free Second Life account, and are over 18 years of age, follow the steps outlined in this video.

– If you already have an account and don’t have the viewer installed, download the latest viewer here. The viewer is available for both Mac and Windows PC.* If you lost your username or password, you can reclaim or reset them here.

– Once you’ve launched the Second Life viewer, click this link in a browser or enter it into the location field in the viewer:, which will take you to the landing point.

– Before entering IndieCade Oasis in Second Life from the landing point, you’ll be asked to agree to IndieCade’s Code of Conduct.

– For basics on how to use the controls, visit Linden’s helpful Tutorials Wiki.

*Technical Note for Windows Users

If you have a Windows PC and Second Life doesn’t launch or crashes upon launch, try right clicking on the application icon and selecting a different graphics card. If you have a gaming system, there may be two graphics cards, the onboard Intel chip, and a second-party card like an Nvidia or AMD card.

Past Events!

Opening Party

-Holiday Cosplay Party at the IndieCade Oasis in Second Life 27 December 2020 • 12pm PST • 3pm EST • 8pm GMT
Featuring Music by David Javelosa and DJ Raena

-Join us for an opening party and play date in the virtual world Second Life, provided by its creators Linden Lab. Dust off your old avatar, or make a new one, play, dance, fly around in an airship or hang glider, hang out in a treehouse, make up new games in our sandbox, and enjoy live music from Santa Monica City College’s David Javelosa. 
* 7pm-8pm Pacific: Pre-party – Avatar Creation & Warm-Up for new and returning players
* 8pm-11pm Pacific: Opening Party – Playtime & Concert with David Javelosa.