USC Games Playtest

Play one of six board/social game prototypes developed in Tabletop Simulator by students from USC Games! Compete as US Delivery services in “Drop-Off!” Navigate treacherous, disaster-ridden seas in “Navigator.” Access your childhood imagination in “Trip to the Moon.” Develop a new language of storytelling “Oracle.” Connect with strangers in “Emoji Connection.” And tell wild stories about your close friends in “The Story Among Us.” Take this chance to help student game designers improve their projects!! (Tabletop Simulator downloads will be provided for those who don’t have them.)


Wednesday Playtest – 21 October

6-7 PM PDT

Navigator is a four-player board game in which you embody unique characters, obtain and sell fish, and navigate the treacherous, disaster-ridden seas. Navigator is a Tabletop Simulator prototype developed by Masters of Fine Art students of Game Design at USC and is still missing final art assets.

Suli Zhang, Collette Quach, Jacob Ruttenberg

Number of Players: 4

Welcome to Drop-off!, the game that makes cross-country package delivery a true clash of power! Play as one of four US delivery organizations and compete to deliver the most packages.

Adam Morina, Jebby Zhang, Yuwei Lin, Kimmy Stewart

Number of Players: 4

7-8 PM PDT

The year is 1500 BC. An ancient Chinese tribe along the Yangtze River is slowly evolving, grasping the power of language and communication. Through trials and errors, will your tribe triumph in developing one of the earliest written languages known to human history, marking a new chapter in human civilization?

Tianyue Gu, Elsa Liu, Ingram Mao

Number of Players: 4

TRIP TO THE MOON is a game about re-inhabiting the fantastical imagination of your childhood self. Invent the wildest response to an already wild scenario and be the first to get to “the moon”!

Christa Haryanto, Suli Zhang, Adam Morina, Kaitlin Bonfiglio

Number of Players: 4-6

8-9 PM PDT

Emoji Connection is a Game about Strangers forming Connections. Everyone works together to deplete the Pool of emoji with stories completely and wins the game!

Yuwei Lin, Rachel Geng, Max Korman, Bocheng Yao

Number of Players: 3-6

The Story Among Us

The Story Among Us is a story-guessing game where you tell stories about one another without revealing their names. The game is designed to be played with an intimate group of friends (online or in-person) where you get to know those around you through the stories you share.

Awu Chen, Kevin Wu, Nicholas Pudjarminta, Meha Magesh, Mingxuan Li, Olivia Yin, Rylan Daniels, Steven Harmon, Akshay Ravi

Number of Players: 5-6 (ideally some of the players know one another)