Blaseball is an absurdist, player-driven, online baseball league. It’s a simplistic simulation of a sport, built in the void of real sports, where players can view, bet on, and contort the league.

The key difference between Blaseball and baseball is player participation. Gambling is allowed and encouraged (though the money isn’t real). Players earn and lose a virtual Blaseball currency by placing bets on the games, and they’ll cash in their earnings to make changes to the league, open the Forbidden Book, commit Peanut Fraud, and continue to unleash chaos. The teams, rosters, and even the rules of the game can be changed by the players every week. 

Outside of the game, the community contributes much more than winnings. In just a few short weeks, fans created endless amounts of incredible art, wrote backstories for every player, hosted a Blaseball tabletop game jam, and recorded an entire EP about killing the Blaseball gods. Much like a tabletop roleplaying game, Blaseball is a true collaboration between the players and designers.


Team: Sam Rosenthal, Joel Clark, Stephen Bell, Felix Kramer, Roldan Melcon, Elena Murphy Blaseball