Come meet and hang out with indie developers and IndieCade alumni to trade stories and questions about the topic of the hour. Our aim for these themed sessions is to take some of the luck out of finding the discussions and new connections you’re looking for in your festival networking experience. 

Although the topic lead may have thoughts and questions to share on the topic, these sessions are potluck style rather than a lecture or panel format – come with your own experiences to contribute!  Loose topics include a huge range including Making Short Games, Freelancing, Self-Publishing vs. Dealing with Publishers, Audio, Multiplayer, D&D, Grants, Experimental and Art Games, Serious Games, Itch for digital and Analog Games, Building Personal Brands, Paper and Pencil RPGs, GameDev Community, Immersive Theater, Starting a Tiny Studio and more, organized by the IndieCade Alumni program.

It isn’t all topic based though…

One of the best parts of IndieCade for many attendees has always meeting and catching up with other people there. To help recreate those in-between spaces of open tables, outdoor benches and chatting in hallways, we’re keeping a group video space open for a number of hours each day where people with Premium pass are able to hang out, trade stories, and connect with others!!


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